Roger J. Couture

“From this precipice overlooking the cove, the colored lights of the Queen’s Necklace shone brightly and draped elegantly along the distant shoreline, twinkling and dancing off the ocean’s dark waters for a short while before all would soon silently wink out in the competing eastern skylight of a new day.”


From surfing winter waves alone in the open ocean, to racing cars, to conversing with the Devil’s harem while idly playing with a loaded gun, Surfing with Snakes & Dragons combines eight stories in which ordinary Southern Californians find themselves in dangerous territory. That thin patina of the rational self is cracked open, exposing the reactive animal nautre that—despite our evolution—still resides within all of us. After reading these heart-stopping tales of daring and distress, the question lingers: “And if me, I would react . . . how?”

In this unforgettable book, author Roger J. Couture creatively exposes the common struggle to maintain our composure when faced with thretening situations—particularly those we impose upon ourselves.


Roger J Couture was born and raised in Southern California and has always lived close to the beach, except for two high school years spent on the East Coast.

After graduating from California State University, Long Beach, he worked for a few Silicon Valley start-ups. For many decades now, he’s resided in the Conejo Valley of Ventura, California, where he writes, hikes, bikes, and surfs.


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